Tree Planting with St. Brigid’s Primary School

Tree Planting with St. Brigid’s Primary School

4th Apr 2019

As part of National Tree Week we had a fantastic day of planting and exploring here at the Irish National Stud on Wednesday 3rd April. Organised by the Tree Council of Ireland, the garden crew got great help planting Oak, Birch, Hazel and Alder tree whips from the young boys and girls in Ms. Hyland’s 4th class from St Brigid’s Primary School in Kildare Town.


Over the past few weeks we have been planting a new woodland area at the entrance of St Fiachra’s.  To conclude the planting, we teamed up with the enthusiastic and possibly future “tree huggers in the making” to help us put the finishing touches to the exciting project. We were anxious as we watched the weather forecast on Tuesday evening. With the usual April forecasts of showery weather intermixed with some sunny spells. To our luck the sun shone throughout the afternoon and the children got their hands down in the dirt and were enlightened by an educational packed day. Peter and Sean demonstrated the planting of a tree sapling while Paul gave a talk on the benefits of worms and microorganisms in the soil. David gave a tour of St. Fiachra’s Garden where he showcased the many wildlife that are attracted to this wild Irish garden with the great mix of native specimens planted throughout.


To conclude the day the kids enjoyed a well-earned hot chocolate and rocky road biscuit cake in the restaurant as well as some important playing time in our new playground.  We were delighted to be involved in this initiative and were delighted with feedback from the children. Tree week is coming to an end and so is our planting of tree whips for the 2019 season, we planted 10,000 tree whips this season and we can look forward to enjoying these future specimens for years to come.

blankThomas Moore, Garden Supervisor

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