Explore the Beauty of Nature and Gardening Expertise at the Irish National Stud & Gardens Plant Fair 2023

Explore the Beauty of Nature and Gardening Expertise at the Irish National Stud & Gardens Plant Fair 2023

Get ready for a weekend filled with botanical wonders and horticultural inspiration as the Irish National Stud & Gardens Plant Fair makes its highly anticipated return on Saturday, July 8th, and Sunday, July 9th, 2023. This exceptional event invites nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the enchanting gardens, attend captivating talks, and discover an array of extraordinary plants. Join us as we celebrate the artistry of gardening and gain valuable insights from renowned experts in the field.

Saturday, July 8th:

12pm: “Creating a Colorful Tapestry: Innovative Gardening Ideas” by Jimi Blake: Prepare to be captivated as Jimi Blake, author of the book “A Beautiful Obsession” and founder of Hunting Brook Gardens in County Wicklow, Ireland, takes the stage. With his unique approach to gardening, Jimi will inspire you to create a vibrant and visually stunning garden. Learn how to weave colors, textures, and plant varieties to craft a tapestry of beauty in your own outdoor space.

2pm: “Plant Propagation Techniques: Expanding Your Gardening Skills” by Rory Newell: Join Rory Newell from Forest Moon Plants as he shares his expertise in plant propagation techniques. Discover the secrets behind successfully propagating your favorite plants and expanding your gardening repertoire. This interactive session will equip you with practical knowledge to nurture the growth and beauty of your garden.

Sunday, July 9th:

12pm: “The Art of Bonsai: A Fascinating Demonstration and Talk” by Ian Young: Step into the intricate world of bonsai with Ian Young, a distinguished expert in this ancient art form. Through a captivating demonstration, Ian will guide you through the techniques of cultivating and shaping miniature living masterpieces. Uncover the beauty and tranquility that bonsai offers, and let Ian’s passion ignite your own bonsai journey.

2pm: “Creating Joyful Gardens: Unleashing the Magic of Design” by Leonie Cornelius: Join Leonie Cornelius, founder of Wild Eden, as she presents a talk titled “Creating Joyful Gardens.” Drawing on her expertise in innovative and eco-friendly garden designs, Leonie will inspire you to transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of joy. Learn how to combine plants, colors, and textures harmoniously to create a garden that evokes happiness and serenity.

Mark your calendars for the Irish National Stud & Gardens Plant Fair on July 8th and 9th, 2023, and immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty and gardening expertise. From Jimi Blake’s innovative gardening ideas to Rory Newell’s plant propagation techniques, Ian Young’s bonsai demonstration, and Leonie Cornelius’ joyful garden creations, this event offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for garden enthusiasts of all levels. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your gardening skills and create a stunning outdoor space that brings you joy for years to come.



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