Enchanting Trails: Unveiling the Magic of the New Fairy Village at The Irish National Stud

Step into a realm of wonder and magic as The Irish National Stud proudly unveils its latest
addition – a dazzling new Fairy Village that promises to transport visitors into a world of
enchantment. The Fairy Village is an ad- on to the beloved fairy trail, which nestled amidst
the picturesque landscapes of the stud. This new trial is set to captivate the hearts of visitors
young and old, adding a touch of magic to their experience.
Beverly Melia is responsible for the design and renovations at the Fairy Village, for her, it
was a labour of love, blending artistry and nature to bring forth a truly magical experience.
Beverly collaborated with Paudie Conway to craft enchanting fairy homes, whimsical
sculptures, and hidden surprises along the trail. Paul Farrell the gardener landscaped the
fabulous pathway.
As you embark on the Fairy Village, prepare to be immersed in a world where fairies and
magical creatures come to life. The trail, which winds through the forest area, features
landmarks such as a school, bakery, grocery store, and even a miniature Sun Chariot Yard
and barn! One of the highlights of the Fairy Village is its interactive installations. Make your
wish At the Perfect Pink Wishing Well, send a letter to your favourite fairy at the Fairy Post
Box, and be sure to capture some photos with magical unicorn Mirabella and on the Fairy
The Fairy Trail and Village at The Irish National Stud is designed to be a family-friendly
destination, catering to visitors of all ages. Picnic areas, a playpark and resting spots allow
families to make the most of their magical day out.
The Fairy Village was unveiled by Beverly last Friday the 16 th to our season members, who
provided an excellent response. It was a fun filled day with face painting, colouring,
storytelling, fairy cakes and lots of magic! Don’t miss out on further launches, sign up for a
season membership and enjoy all of our seasonal events for free!
As The Irish National Stud opens the doors to its enchanting Fairy Village, it invites visitors
to step away from the ordinary and into a world where magic, and nature combine. The trail
promises to be a delightful addition to the already beloved fairy trail and equine experience,
ensuring that every visit is filled with wonder, laughter, and the joy of discovery. So, gather
your loved ones, embrace the magic, and let the Fairy Trail at The Irish National Stud take
you on a enchanted journey were sure you’ll love!



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