National Tree Week at the Irish National Stud

Celebrate National Tree Week with us! In collaboration with our skilled gardening team, we’ve delved into the fascinating world of trees at the Irish National Stud. We were generously gifted a 7-year-old Irish oak tree this week Free Trees Ireland and we’re excited to plant it in the next few days. Paddy with Free Trees Ireland has been gifting over 35,000 trees for national tree week to various organizations.

Trees play a crucial role in shaping our environment. Beyond providing aesthetic appeal, they serve as sound barriers, shield unsightly views, and offer shade to our paddocks, ensuring our horses are comfortable during the summer months. While it’s common knowledge that trees absorb carbon and release oxygen, their positive environmental impact also extends to creating habitats for insects and birds. Towards the end of the season, they serve as a valuable food source for migrating birds.

Our historic grounds boast a rich array of mature trees that have stood the test of time, tended to by successive generations of dedicated gardeners. With over 200 years of establishment, our expansive 850-acre landscape showcases a diverse selection of native species such as beech, rowan, wild cherry, and hornbeam, alongside ornamental treasures like red chestnut, cedars, Japanese maples, and cherry blossoms. Our gardener’s commitment also extends to hedgerow habitats, with extensive plantings of hawthorn mixed with oak and beech. Additionally, they have strategically established small woodland thickets near barns and stables, using one-meter whips of native trees to enhance habitat diversity. On the ornamental front, we’re expanding our collection with a variety of cherry species and other unique additions, ensuring a visually captivating landscape.

Even in their afterlife, our trees continue to enrich our gardens. Dead trees are repurposed into log piles, creating habitats that foster biodiversity. In herbaceous borders, log piles serve as overwintering spots for beneficial insects, aiding in pest control when aphids and other insects threaten plant health.

National Tree Week aligns perfectly with the optimal tree-planting season. Over the next four to five weeks, planting trees ensures robust root development before spring. By summer, your tree will be well-established, thriving in the dryer months.

Join us in celebrating this National Tree Week by taking part yourself! Wondering how go about planting some trees of your own? Our gardeners, recognise the challenges of selecting the right tree. They advise bringing a photograph of your area as well as an idea of the desired dimensions of your tree on your next visit to the garden centre or nursery, allowing for expert advice on planting and care. Keep an eye out on our social media pages where we’ll be sharing informative garden tip videos! Happy planting!


Photo Credit: Stephen Kinsella Photography



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