Sustainability Policy

“We believe in the promotion and protection of the great natural resource of Ireland; the synergy between the land and the people. Our vision is to create the opportunity for every person to connect to it. Our mission is to deliver the consumer-focused commercial success required to promote and protect the racehorse, the natural environment and our unique heritage.”

The Irish National Stud understands that its activities have both direct and indirect environmental impacts and sees the protection of the environment as an integral part of our everyday practises. The Irish National Stud is therefore committed to improving its environmental sustainability performance for the benefit of the people who live and work here, for the wider community and the surrounding eco-systems.

Our Sustainability Policy

  • We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our business and plan to significantly lower our carbon intensity levels over the next five years
  • We will continue to further explore new and innovative ways to maintain and enhance the environment in which we operate
  • We will continue to improve our waste management practises to minimise waste generation and maximise the recycling and recovery of waste which is generated
  • If at all possible and where product availability exists, we are committed to responsibly sourcing and local suppliers
  • We will continue to use our responsible production and consumption strategy such as bee keeping, production of native plant habitats and responsible grass production through intermittent grazing and less reliance on fertilizer.
  • We will continue to be involved in environmental protection schemes such as ‘Pollinator Planting Plan’
  • We are committed to continuously manage the diverse collection of land and ecosystems existing in Tully
  • We will continue to manage the vast bio-diversity present to a high level with the help of ‘Wildlife Management Services’
  • We plan to further develop and promote education for sustainable development within its teaching programmes
  • We will continue to engage students, staff and visitors in initiatives to minimise environmental impact
  • We will continue to create awareness for everyone on the impact they can have on our environment
  • We plan to ensure every visitor leaves with a greater understanding of the different species surrounding them through tours and signage
  • We plan to create a new ‘Wildlife Trail’ to further educate our visitors on the importance of bio-diversity and sustainability
  • We are committed to becoming part of a Carbon Offsetting Scheme
  • We plan to gradually upgrade our fleet to electric/hybrid vehicles in the next ten to twenty years


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