Osblog 5

Osblog 5

21st Feb 2012

Osblog 5

Somebody spotted the Osblog and commented “you must have nothing to do” which proves you just can’t win. I should give a moment by moment report of how the season has exploded into, literally, life. Well done to the team here on the “name the foal” story which got onto six-one news nationwide – a PR coup. The fact that we were imitated days later by no less than Rachel Alexandra was high praise for Sinead Hyland’s initiative.
Our 2012 students are knuckling down to the task of combining work rest and play in the correct proportions, some with greater success than others. We have a multi-national team again with a first from China and Uruguay. The global nature of our industry is often overlooked locally and we are delighted to help forge new links abroad. The students receive a lecture every weekday with demonstrations and tutorials along the way. Bobby O’Ryan gave an inimitable conformation assessment last week, which was very popular – thanks Bobby.
The students also attended the Goffs February Sale where they were tasked with choosing a suitable investment and to justify the choice. That will make for interesting reading. We are grateful to Joey Cullen of Goffs for his time and enthusiasm in guiding the students.
My recent stallion-related blog attracted some comment, which is exactly the intention. In fact the more comment the better. The constant cry for ever cheaper stud fees has the inevitable consequence of making the stallion prospects unaffordable and likely to go elsewhere, either to race or to stand abroad. I suppose the ones which make the cut are likely to be the very highest standard which is good.
We look forward to the ITBA Expo 2012 at Leopardstown this weekend (Friday24th – Saturday25th February). We expect some lively debate and discussion. We also expect the INS students to excel in the new intervarsity quiz at Expo because that will reflect well on us here. Of course if they don’t, we will have to take remedial action! If you can, be sure to support Expo 2012, an exhibition of the breadth and depth of the industry in Ireland.

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