More Wildlife than meets the eye

More Wildlife than meets the eye

19th Jul 2018


In the Irish National Stud & Gardens, we love to see our visible wildlife friends such as the swans and ducks on the lake and the many songbirds. However did you ever wonder who else is visiting our grounds that might not be quite as visible? We are delighted to give you a peak at two mammals that we recently captured using trail cameras on the site.

The loss of habitat often presents the biggest threat to wildlife species and as a result in the Irish National Stud & Gardens we place an emphasis on enhancing the existing habitat to make wildlife welcome. We have been working very closely with Wildlife Management Services on a number of projects to ensure we provide the ideal habitats for mammals, birds and insect life.

We have foxes living in various areas of the site and the hedgerows and ‘wilder’ areas of the grounds are ideal for them to forage and make their dens. Oftentimes at night their calls can be heard across the stud.




blankThe pine marten is often referred to as one of Ireland’s rarest mammals so we are delighted to be hosting at least one here at the Stud. These animals are mostly nocturnal and you will only find one of each sex in any given territory. They are known to be slow reproducers and generally give birth and rear their young in warm secure enclosed places. We believe we have a number of pine martens on the grounds, but more than likely similar to the fox they are living on the less visited areas of the grounds.

Unfortunately the elusive badgers have not been as easy to capture as the fox and the pine marten. However we do know that they are also living on our grounds, but not as keen to make an appearance. Hopefully we will be able to feature them on our blog in the future so keep checking in.




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