It’s blossom time…

It’s blossom time…

16th Apr 2017


Last year we followed the progress of our cherry blossoms coming into flower over a period of five weeks starting the first week of April.

This year, one day it was winter with no movement of the buds and the next we noticed one of the Prunus Kanzans in the Japanese begin to open into full flower.

Talk about being caught out by nature!

Personally, I always think of April and the opening of the Cherry blossom as the start of true spring. The heavy frosts have gone and nearly every day new trees and plants are coming into flower.

Most eye catching at the moment, in the Japanese Gardens, are; Camellias, flowering Almonds, Anemonies, Scilla and some Azalea vars. The new leaves just opening on the Japanese Maples are also a sight to behold.

Walking from the Japanese Gardens along by the lake you will see two amazing Magnolias Stellata in full flower before you pass the Amalanchiers on your right.

Kerria, Viburnum and Berberis are also giving a lovely show this year.

In St Fiachra’s garden the little Fritillarias are making a big impact and shrubs like the flowering currant Ribes sanguineum, Black Elder Sambucus black lace and Hazel Corylus avellana are all looking their best right now.

blankWe’re keeping a watchful eye on our Bluebells and Cherry blossoms in particular and we’ll let you know when they’re at their best.

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