Student Blog from Justine De Lageneste and Ben Swinburn

Student Blog from Justine De Lageneste and Ben Swinburn

4th Mar 2020

February already comes to an end but our INS experience is more than ever underway. 

This previous thrilling week for the students hasn’t been punctuated only by the snowing and the sunny weather but by many unforgettable events!

Hannah Faber escorted a mare to get covered in Ballylinch Stud and thus met some of the greatest stallions of the country.  Under the INS covering Shed, Stuart Tyrrell and Constance Vincent are looking after the stallions and ensure the stud’s teaser job. 

This week Ben made a returned to a far busier Kildare yard than the one he left two weeks prior, While he was still working with many of the mares and foals from before he met many new faces which had been bought into this world during this interim. Some even being delivered by his blog partner as shown below.

For her part, Justine was on foaling watch night shift with Charlie Harris monitored by the INS foreman team: Tina and Laureen. In four nights time, no fewer than nine foals were born under the students’ astonished eyes and with their assistance. 

Juggling between practical and theory, the student class attended veterinary demonstrations with newborn foal examination, caslick procedure, placenta examination and foaling lecture, all drove by the Troy Town Grey Abbey professionals. 

We also had the chance to welcome Joanne Hurley, talented equine nutrition specialist, to better understand horse’s digestive system.

At last but not a least, Henry Beeby, Goffs group chief executive, former INS student himself, came to share his precious time with us. A very enriching exchange, composed of questions, advices, knowledge sharing, took place.

blankTo finish the week, some students decided to swap horses for dogs and went off to watch greyhound racing in Newbridge. For many of them this was a new experience but all said they would return for more when the opportunity arises.

Following the weeks them of doing things for the first time, our international sensation Laura Macnab thought she would get a more first-hand experience of Irish culture by going on a hunt on Saturday, borrowing local lass Grace Kerr’s one of a kind hunter Patricia. Despite getting drenched and not being able to walk straight the next day she said it was by far her best experience since coming to Ireland. blank

On the final day of this wonderful week the great Charlie Harris thought it would be a great idea to take a bunch of us to a point to point at Boris house. Charlie was able to back the winners of the first two races and end the day with a tidy profit. We enjoyed the sun and endured the wind and rain to finish the week on a high 


This week seemed to be one full of first-time experiences., whether it was during work or play everyone seemed to have come out of it having enjoyed something new and I am sure that if everything continues goes to plan this will be the case for every other week to follow. 


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