Osblog 10 – Racing Post

26th Apr 2012
Osblog 10 After much deliberation the committee of the Racing Post Yearling Bonus Scheme decided to relaunch for a fourth Scheme. The scheme was created at a...

Osblog 9 Is It Better

18th Apr 2012
We went to Aintree on Saturday to show our four children the track and the fences. We joked that we needed to do it before the race became a flat race. A few in...

Osblog 8 – A New Bonus

30th Mar 2012
The days are winging by and the breeding season is at a peak. The new Flat season is here and to a devotee of “speed” racing that makes NOW the best time of...

Osblog 7 Mallory I AM Dumb

15th Mar 2012
Mallory: “Sam, don’t play dumb with me!” Sam: “Mallory, I AM dumb, I sometimes play clever” The West Wing @dredvers has accused Osblog of posing to...


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