Michael Daffer Kelly Wins

26th Feb 2013
The Irish National Stud’s Senior Stallion man Michael ‘Daffer’ Kelly was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his valuable contribution...

Season Ticket Holder Privilege

19th Feb 2013
The Irish National Stud season ticket holders were treated to a priviledge morning saturday 9th February. First stop was a visit to the foaling unit where we me...

Osblog 36 – Flags

11th Feb 2013
England came to Lansdowne Road and conquered in a professional display where the result was all that mattered. In wet conditions and with injuries aplenty, the ...

Osblog 35 – Michael Buckley

22nd Jan 2013
I lost a friend last week and have found it hard to go back to the blog but we have to unfold the new normal. Much has been said and written about Michael Buckl...


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