Osblog 25 – Summer

7th Sep 2012
Osblog 25 Summer is here, trouble is it’s September. A long dull blur has disappeared to reveal that the sky is still actually blue. We have a significant ...

Osblog 24 – France

28th Aug 2012
Osblog 24 Deauville and French stallions Whenever an untried horse can be valued in seven figures as at Deauville 2012 it can seem like all is well. In a wor...

Osblog 23 – Snow Fairy

22nd Aug 2012
Osblog 23 Snow Fairy Muhammed Ali never did what Snow Fairy did on Sunday. Leon Spinks probably had a more varied diet than is recommended for a high level s...

Osblog 22 – Sport

15th Aug 2012
Osblog 22 We have enjoyed the opening and closing ceremonies of the 30th Olympic Games and seen how important sport is today. The flags denote the nations an...