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School Tours


The Irish National Stud is part of our heritage and provides a unique opportunity for school children to get close up to horses and wildlife in a relaxed and natural environment. They will be fascinated to watch the thoroughbred foals frolic in their paddocks honing their future racing skills and can enjoy hands on interaction with the miniature Falabella horses. The Horse Museum is where the ‘Sport of Kings’ comes to life,a full skeleton of Ireland’s most famous racehorse – the legendary three-time Gold Cup winner Arkle – has also been preserved.

The world famous Japanese Garden was designed and built at the turn of the century and maps the ‘Journey of Life’ according to ancient Japanese history.

Children can follow the path and stop at each point for an explanation of the symbolism making their way through streams and tunnels. In St. Fiachra’s Garden they will have fun exploring an environmental trail, enjoying the flora and fauna and identifying plants and animals that live in the local habitats.With another four acres of woodland and lakeside walks to discover, children will experience a memorable day out at this exquisite ecological facility.

Please not school tours are suited to children at primary school level. Should you be interested in tours for secondary level please contact the reservations team. 



Our specifically trained tour guides will bring to life the story of the thoroughbred, from birth to the racecourse with a tour of the stud and horses, followed by a 30-minute interactive classroom session where they can touch and try.  A quiz with spot prizes will ensure a fun time for all and the new playground and gardens allow plenty of free time to explore.

Visit time: 2-4 hours
Age: Tour suited to primary school level 
Price: €8.50 per child
Booking quote: The Wonder Of Horses

For more information follow the link: INS 2020 School Tours 

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Your guide will bring to life the story of the thoroughbred, from birth to the racecourse with a  45 minute tour of the farm, introducing the students to these magnificent animals.

After the tour, explore the new Irish racehorse Experience, playground and gardens.

Visit time: 2-4 hours
Age: Tour suited to primary school level 
Price: €7.00 per child
Booking quote: Regular School Tour

Buglington Hotel

You may well ask, “What is the point in having a Bug Hotel?”
Well, the answer is simple really, a Bug Hotel provides a place of shelter for insects in the cold winter months.

We give shelter to the insects; but why do we want insects anyway? Let’s face it, they just creep and buzz around, annoy everyone and eat plants. That also is quite true; but the main reason we need insects is because they pollinate plants and if we didn’t have them then 80% of all the plants we use for food would disappear. In fact, without pollinators the human race would disappear. Earth without humans!… what a thought! Who’d mind the horses?!

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The Irish National Stud is a farm that specialises in breeding racehorses. Mares (mothers) come here to give birth to their foals and most are born between February and May. They will then spend most of their time in fields until they become yearlings (one-year-olds). When the foals are old enough, they will be weaned away from their mothers and put into paddocks with other youngsters of similar ages. When they they reach their first brithday, they will begin a fitness program which will prepare them for life as a racehorse.

The mares will also visit the resident stallions at the farm and will quickly start carrying another baby around which takes eleven months to grow. These mares require minding throughout the year and have to be checked by vets and farriers regularly. They will also need lots of food and vitamins and regular haylage. During the winter they will be kept inside at night in straw-bedded stables.

There are lots of routines at the stud that change throughout the year, so you’ll never see the same activities twice. Come in Springtime and you can be sure to catch sight of some newborn foals. In summer the foals are bigger and will be out in their paddocks, lazing around in the sunshine, their mothers busily eating the grass.

The stud is also lucky to have two beautiful gardens. The Japanese Gardens are over one hundred years old and have a special path to explore which leads you over stepping stones through a stream (mind your toes stay dry!) and to a stunning red bridge. St Fiachra’s Garden is a natural garden and it is there that you will see lots of wildlife.

Bring your cameras or sketching pads – it will be a day to remember!