What a picture, what a photograph!

What a picture, what a photograph!

9th Aug 2017

It’s that time again.  Our amateur photography competition kicks off again this summer!  Send us your happy snaps, or your Canon’s best capture – all will be judged early next year and the very best will appear in our 2019 Calendar.

Imagery is very important to us and, along with the calendar, we use it throughout our website and across social media.  Each season we ask the best horseracing and scenic photographers to shoot a range of our icons and are rarely disappointed as time and again, they produce new angles and ideas, making the marketing task so much easier!

Already this year we’ve had wonderful amateur snaps sent in from far and wide.  This wonderful portrait of our young cygnets was captured in St Fiachra’s Garden on a beautiful bright morning. 

Whilst this rainy snap of the fauna in the Japanese Gardens accentuated the climate conditions almost magically, with the famous red Bridge Of Life reflected.

But still one of the staff’s all-time favourites was this image of the tea house in Autumn, framed by a visitor from China back in 2014.  Can you beat that?

Pick your perfect day and share them with us for a chance to feature in our calendar!

Each day this week we’ll be sharing last year’s images on our social channels for inspiration.


Happy snapping!

Terms: Max 5 entries per person,  minimum 1 MB. Entries close 12.12.17 and should be sent to  Winners announced December 2017. 

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