To Bee or not to Bee

To Bee or not to Bee

12th Jun 2018

We’re being bombarded constantly with information about damaging the environment from every angle; social media, television, radio, print media etc.

Why has this become so important all of a sudden ? or maybe not so suddenly, perhaps we just weren’t paying attention.

The fact is, we’re systematically killing the planet we live on mostly with our neglect of wildlife both flora and fauna, and our abuse of single use plastics and chemicals.

Wild Iris

Albert Einstein is credited with saying;-“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then Man would have only 4 years of life left. No more Bees, No more pollinators, No more plants, No more animals, No more MAN.”

Pollinators are one of the more crucial elements in our continued survival.

What is a pollinator and what can we do ?

A pollinator is an animal who moves pollen from one plant to another. This fertilises the plant so that it can produce fruit/seeds.


The Buglington

Our main pollinators in Ireland are Bees and hoverflies. We have about 98 species of Bees and 180 species of Hoverflies, but many of these are threatened with extinction due to a reduction in the diversity and abundance of our wildflower species. This reduction in pollinators also means a reduction in the yield from many food crops such as Apples, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Tomatoes etc.



We can correct this decline mainly by establishing flower rich habitats. Our garden plants are not a great to use because they are not rich in pollen/nectar.

Here at the Irish National stud, we have joined the National Biodiversity Pollinator Plan and we are planning to increase our existing wildflower planting. At present, we have a few areas established in St.Fiachras Garden and we propose to plant more areas of the stud grounds in addition to widening the range of hedgerow species when planting new hedgerows in the winter. The National Pollinator Plan is a fantastic initiative and provide great ideas to not only improve your awarenenss but also give tips and tricks to help you make a difference. 

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