Student Blog from Henry Lascelles and Nadine Gut

Student Blog from Henry Lascelles and Nadine Gut

13th Mar 2019

Henry Lascelles (UK) and Nadine Gut (SUI) give you an insight into their sixth week here on the Irish National Stud Thoroughbred Breeding Course.

Last week I (Nadine) worked in Kildare Yard where the foals and their mums go about two days after foaling down. When we started on a snowy Monday morning we had eleven mares and foals to care for.
I was excited to meet some foals in this yard again which I helped deliver the week before on my night foaling duties. As the weather got better this past week there were more visitors strolling around the stud and it was great to see how thrilled the kids were about the foals.
The work in this yard included to tease the mares with a pony stallion to find out if the mare is ready for a cover or to see where she is in her cycle. As the breeding season is well underway now, we had a few mares due to visit the Irish National Stud stallions or one mare to travel to England for her date. I am now looking forward to next week to see if some mares are in foal and how the babies develop and learn to behave better.


Last week I (Henry) had my second stint on duty in the foaling unit at night, over the four nights we had 11 healthy foals.  From those foals born there were a couple by stallions with their first stock on the ground, namely Ribchester and Profitable. If the foals that have been born here are anything to go by then I’m sure they will be really well received at the sales later in the year.


As the week came to an end, thoughts quickly turned to Cheltenham. That is also probably the reason why my blog is the best part of three days late. The Irish just edged day one over in Cheltenham and here on the stud it’s the same story, an Irish ex jumps jockey managed to bluff a few winners on day one. However the tide will turn on day two and the English look to have a pretty strong hand.

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