Student Blog from Gemma Blumenshine (USA) and Edmond Ryan (Ireland)

Student Blog from Gemma Blumenshine (USA) and Edmond Ryan (Ireland)

9th Feb 2022

Students Gemma Blumenshine (USA) and Edmond Ryan (Ireland) give us an insight into their week on the Irish National Stud Thoroughbred Breeding Management course.

As week four comes to an end, which ends the first month of the course and what a time it has been so far. This week saw the both of us working at Maddenstown Yard where we are responsible for prepping the yearlings for the upcoming February sale at Goffs. On Wednesday Ed worked alongside the vet which he found very fascinating as we were preparing the mares for covering. Gemma spent Wednesday morning working with the yard foreman to tease mares to see if they are in season and ready to be bred.

We have been very busy in Maddenstown as there are eight yearlings are approximately 40 mares so we are getting great plenty of hands-on experience. This week’s lecture series has been very educational with foaling lectures from Dr. Kevin Corely which proved to be very insightful as he talked us through what to expect when foaling and how to handle difficult births. We also had the pleasure of welcoming guest lecturer Joey Cullen, Marketing Director Goff’s. Joey gave us an insight on the operational aspect of Goffs and the ways in which they get potential purchasers from all over the world. Joey discussed the importance of digesting and researching pedigrees prior to the sale to ensure the best stock are accessible to all types of clients. He also went into great detail on the requirements of selling horses to clients from abroad such as India and Turkey which have very different requirements than the EU or the US. Next week we will be spending time with Mr. Cullen at the sale as part of one of our first assignments which entails selecting a broodmare at the sale and presenting reasons why we chose her as our favourite.

This week has started to get busy in the foaling unit as we get further into the foaling season which means it has been a busy week for our fellow students Ann and Tom who are working nights. On Tuesday alone there were five foals born between six and eleven at night. The foaling foremen are lovely and welcome anyone who wants to watch a foaling taking place.

On Thursday we had our covering induction with the stallion manager it was a good lesson to have as the breeding season is quickly approaching.

This week has been very successful as we have learned new skills both in the classroom and on the yard and we will now reward ourselves with some beverages and racing at Leopardstown over the weekend.


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