Osblog 48 – We’re Back!

Osblog 48 – We’re Back!

23rd Mar 2017

Osblog has been on sabbatical for nearly four years. It shuddered to a halt when it dawned on me that I was not actually free to say whatever came into my head. I speak as an officer of an enterprise which we would like to think is a starship. I should not say things which are potentially damaging to that and so words must be carefully chosen. But the words must amuse, inform or entertain.

Since then the world has absolutely embraced fake news, fake tan and overcombing. Donald Trump is President of the US and I am in the capsule ready to boldly go where I have never gone before – out the door.

Let me explain. I have served a seven-year term as CEO of a Commercial State Body. That is the proscribed maximum term. Hopes of a contract extension were complicated by the fact that my seven year commitment was subdivided into a three-year and four-year term, in effect two contracts. An extension would legally render me “permanent” and this is exactly what the guidelines were created to avoid.

The Irish National Stud is a wonderful place – see for yourself if you haven’t already done so. I have been involved here since I was a kid and we celebrated the centenary just two years ago. It is safe to say that the institution will survive another hundred years. We have a big enthusiastic team. I recently asked them to write a pen profile of each other for publication, a suggestion fraught with danger but which might provoke a few giggles. It will highlight the depth of talent in the organisation.

I remain as caretaker here until the end of the season and I know that the crew will ensure that the starship continues to fly. Meanwhile I can sharpen a few pencils in readiness for a return to civilian life and “Osblog Unplugged”.

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