Magic March in the INS Gardens

Magic March in the INS Gardens

27th Mar 2019

The Gardening season is well and truly on its way. The team is as busy as ever here in the INS Gardens. Days are getting longer, Ground temperatures are getting warmer and the bird song is getting intensely louder as the days pass. Our Spring bulb display is well worth a visit. “Snakes Head Fritillary “relish in damp soil & are flowering profusely in St.Fiachras Garden along with “Wood Anemones”( Anemone nemorosa )and the ever reliable Primrose, Cowslips and the fantastic Giant Snowflakes (Leucojum aestivum ‘Gravetye’) . In the Japanese Gardens we have beautiful “Scilla” which are acting as a sea of blue understory to the spectacular Cherry Blossoms which will be at their peak over the coming weeks.


Pictured is Sean, our work placement student from the National Botanic Gardens. Sean is pruning the Red Dogwood “Cornus Alba Siberica”. Dogwood comes in many varieties and is mainly grown for its attractive coloured stems in Winter. Pruning the Dogwood back hard at this time of year encourages new growth which has a more vibrant colour than its older growth.



Paul adds the finishing touches to our fabulous new Seesaw in the toddler playground. This Seesaw has been tested out by many of the staff here at the INS and is sure to be a huge attraction for the season ahead.




In the picture Peter is dividing a clump of Snowdrops. This is the best way to speed up the spread of Snowdrops and encourage them to flower with renewed vigor. Peter is dividing up a mass of bulbs and replanting in smaller clumps a few feet apart.



These jobs are but a few of many that are currently taking place at this time of the year in the INS Gardens. So why not pay a visit and basque in all its glory for what is “Magic March.”

Thomas Moore, Garden Supervisor.

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