Glimpse of Spring

Glimpse of Spring

25th Feb 2020

Glimpses of Spring are unfolding throughout the grounds here at the Irish National Stud and Gardens. Despite varying weather, growth is at a steady pace with snowdrops, daffodils and crocus all brightening up the gardens with their fantastic shows of colour.

Over the past few weeks we have being actively preparing the gardens for the opening of the 2020 Season.  Winter is the period where we get a chance to do some of our key maintenance tasks and we aspire to build on the success of previous seasons.

Daffodils in flower in St. Fiachra’s Garden

Throughout the Winter months we have added to our Spring bulb collection by planting numerous assortments of bulbs throughout the grounds. This will add colour to the garden. We have planted tree whips in the form of more native species throughout the grounds including Holly, Hazel, Birch and some Bareroot Tree whips like Guelder rose, Spindle and the non-native Amelanchier.





In the Japanese Gardens we have added to our ever-fantastic collection of trees by planting some specimen Japanese Maples, Acer Palmatum varieties such as Acer pal. ‘Sangokaku’, ‘Tamukeyama’ and ‘Osakazuki’ to name a few. A stunning Liquidambar for fantastic autumn colour has taken the place of a mature Horse Chestnut which was a casualty to one of the recent storms. A variety of Cherry Blossoms were added to the main avenue to keep up our reputation of having one of the finest collections of cherry blossoms in the country. 

Recent Storms have kept us busy with fallen trees and damaged structures. However, every tree that falls gives us a great opportunity to replace these with a new specimen.

Visitors can take advantage of New paths created around the grounds. These paths and trails give kids and adults a chance to get up close with nature.

Frosty morning in the Japanese Gardens

For the 2020 season we strive to try and connect our visitors to nature and the garden. A lot of work has been completed and as always some exiting new projects are planned for the season ahead. 

As I started writing this there was a snow blizzard outside, as I conclude the sun is basking through the blue sky. This wet ground with sun shining through gives a shine and glow throughout the garden that reveals the great work that the garden and grounds team have done over the Winter months. Hopefully the sun keeps shining and gives us a chance to give our grass its first trim of the season. The smell of the grass on a sunny February afternoon is one of the most exciting garden moments of the season. 

Thomas Moore

Grounds & Gardens Supervisor


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