Foster Mares

Foster Mares

21st Feb 2019

At the Irish National Stud we have a selected few foster mares. These mares will foster a thoroughbred foal in the case of the thoroughbred mare being unable to rear her own foal due to illness, injury or death.


In the unlikely event a foster mare is needed, we will hand rear her foal. It does not take long before they settle into their new lifestyle and become extremely cheeky and familiar with humans. We keep them with a little companion to play with.


In the case of the foster foal being a filly, we like to keep them at the Irish National Stud in the hope that one day they will become foster mares themselves later on in life.


If the foal is a colt, they will be kept used as a teaser pony or even riding ponies in time.


Like everything here at the Irish National Stud, we treat the thoroughbreds and the foster mares like royalty and they each have a very important role to play in the industry. 


Laura Bennett, Kildare Yard Foreman.


Apple Mc Flurry with her filly Oreo








blankMc Flurry with her colt Sparky









blankTroytown Matty with her filly Margot Bobbie. 

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