Stud & Garden Blogs

Hope ‘Springs’ Eternal

12th Apr 2018
Dare we hope that finally we‚Äôve put the snow, and constant rain behind us ? I certainly hope so. Here in the Japanese gardens and St Fiachras garden we‚...

A Fairy Welcome

27th Mar 2018
It was a beautiful Spring day to remember last Sunday as over 100 season ticket holders and their families gathered together to welcome back our fairy residents...

Fairies & Folklore

14th Mar 2018
We have just received an email from the fairy king who was the leader of the fairy village in St. Fiachras garden last year. He asks would it be ok for the fair...

New Year – New Life! Foals aplenty at the Ir...

16th Jan 2018
Valentines Day marks the start of the thoroughbred covering season in our hemisphere.  Gestation for a horse is 11 months which means those early Febr...


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