Osblog 28 – Results

9th Oct 2012
Osblog 28 I intended to join in a debate between Bill Oppenheim and Rob Whiteley on the interpretation of the outcomes of the sales from a Profit & Loss ...

Osblog 26 – Equinome

21st Sep 2012
I was asked recently to comment on the advances in genetics, particularly the Equinome project and its potential impact on the scene. I notice that there is a s...

Osblog 23 – Snow Fairy

22nd Aug 2012
Osblog 23 Snow Fairy Muhammed Ali never did what Snow Fairy did on Sunday. Leon Spinks probably had a more varied diet than is recommended for a high level s...

I Am A Member Of The Turf

24th Jan 2012
Osblog 3 The small number of new stallions in 2012 – we have none – is a matter of some debate. Coolmore created two prospects and bought another, while ...


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