Osblog 45 – Valuations

11th Dec 2013
The December Sale presented a mini case study in valuation when we saw three half sisters all benefit from a Gr.1 update on the eve of the sale. One made 360,00...

Osblog 44 – Criteria

6th Dec 2013
The first to blink decides the value of a horse. It is not the winning bidder but the under bidder who cries enough. In a year in which values of top level stoc...

Osblog 43 – Stallions And Castes

11th Nov 2013
A quick overview of the UK Group 1 winners of 2012 showed that less than a quarter of the winners were bred by people for whom selling as foal or yearling was t...

Osblog 42 – Popping The Cork

16th Sep 2013
The Osblog has been osblocked for quite some time. There has been plenty to talk about, sex drugs and rock and roll all season long. By which I mean of course, ...