Osblog 49 – Genomics

25th Apr 2017
When Watson and Crick discovered the DNA molecule they constructed a model to demonstrate the spiral. What looked like a twisting ladder made out of oversized m...

Osblog 48 – We’re Back!

23rd Mar 2017
Osblog has been on sabbatical for nearly four years. It shuddered to a halt when it dawned on me that I was not actually free to say whatever came into my head....

Osblog 47 – Sales Veterinary

19th Dec 2013
In my early pinhooking days I encountered the inaccurate predictive ability of certain veterinary diagnostics. I had a beautiful colt by a first crop sire and w...

Osblog 46 – Inflation

16th Dec 2013
A car dealer told me a story once of how he had sold a Toyota Corolla to a farmer early in his career. Some twenty years later the same client arrived in the sh...