Rachel Polion Discover Winner

1st Mar 2012
Rachel Polion was at Holiday World recently with her family and entered a competition on Discover Ireland stand where she had to spray her favourite place in Ir...

Osblog 5

21st Feb 2012
Osblog 5 Somebody spotted the Osblog and commented “you must have nothing to do” which proves you just can’t win. I should give a moment by moment repo...

Anamoine Ltd Continue Race

13th Feb 2012
Anamoine Ltd continue to support series of races in 2012 to promote their stallion Big Bad Bob Anamoine Ltd has generously agreed to renew their support of t...

The Breeders Are More Guilty

10th Feb 2012
Osblog 4 Richard Griffiths in the Racing Post has risen to the challenge to try to discover the missing measure for success which we are currently overlookin...